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MadConnects Highlight: Waverly Yowell Takes to the Sea!

Fifth graders at Waverly Yowell took part in a module that had them dive into our world's vast ocean habitats. The team of Lauren Cook, Jesse Blackstock, and Emilee Daniel challenged their students to investigate real life situations in this "Oceanic Adventure." The module involved students researching pollution and how it affects our oceans and organisms living in and around the ocean. Food chains were also integrated into the adventure where students dove deeper into how a food chain operates and the effects of pollution on a food chain. "This was an excellent way of relating real life situations with the Virginia Standards of Learning," observed Mrs. Cook!

One of the main objectives of the division's MadConnects Innovative Objectives is scaffolding and practicing civil discourse and collaboration and this module did exactly that! Students were placed into teams with various roles, including marine biologist, engineer, ecologist, and chemist. The teams investigated and collaborated during the adventure to solve different problems through the lens of their respective "professions." The overall objective was to put their research together to solve the issue of the missing Monk Seal.

Thank you to the fifth grade team for engaging your students in "real world" problems and establishing a space for collaboration and problem solving.

In the words of Mrs. Cook, "Students were engaged with the entire adventure!"

Great work, Team!


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