Mason Named 'Teacher of the Year'

Kellie Mason was named Madison County Public School's "Teacher of the Year" for the 2019-2020 school year. Mason is a forward-thinking educator who is consistently seeking out innovative ways improve and expand her skill and reach her students. Mason is a huge proponent of the cultivation of student and teacher civil discourse, communication, and perspective. She champions the need for students and teachers to interact with relevant local, national, and global issues and has been key in maintaining an on-going connection with a sister school in Brooklyn, NY.

Mason states, “I also love how great books and communicating with others can build empathy, a sense of community and force us to consider the world outside of our own bubbles." She continues that "any mistake or failing is just a lesson to learn from and I hope they learn that they are unstoppable if they practice kindness and work hard.”

Thank you Ms. Mason! We are lucky to have you in the county and look forward to learning and growing with you. Onward!

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