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Are students collaboratively brainstorming and creating a strategic plan of action to execute as a team?

Are students solving "real-world" problems using "real-world" skills?

"Real-World" in Process and Product

Music Instructor, Alicia Strickler, discusses an extended student-led project where not only did students produce a "real-world" product, but engaged in a largely "real-world" process. 

Teams for All Classes:
Conflict Resolution 

Patrick Jennings, Math Educator, discusses how he has incorporated teams into all his math classes. "Real-World" can't always be found in the content but found easily in the process. 

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 Examples of "Real-World" Skills:



Creative Problem-Solving

Public Speaking

Conflict Resolution

Overcoming Challenges

Learning from Mistakes

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Template:
Used for any type of project- both individual or team oriented. 
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