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MadConnects September Spotlight: "Real World Madison"

Madison High School students are engaging in real world issues and gaining a relevant understanding of the world around them thanks in part to a new face at MCHS, Social Studies educator, Bradley Miller. Speaking with Mr. Miller, he has numerous projects already underway.

Omissions to the U.S. Constitution: Students are giving a category or topic related to important items that were NOT included in the United States Constitution - examples being "women's suffrage" - "abolition of slavery" - The collaborative teams then research the issue and trace it to its effects in today's society. They then develop an argument focused on these effects and back it with six supporting statements. An example of one of these research questions would be - "Are we inclusive even now?"

Dr. Seuss and Political Socialization? Students dove into another COLLABORATIVE (so key) project where they examined the books of Dr. Seuss. The learning objectives largely focused on students developing an awareness that our political socialization does not begin with 8th grade Civics or 12th grade Government, but at a very young age from the books they might have read or have read to them. There are themes that are present such as community, authority, rules, laws, etc. that help shape views even in childhood. This then allows for self and situational awareness of how their perspectives are shaped in their current life.

Triple P - "Political Party Platforms" - In this multi-level project, students examine their own political ideologies by first taking "iSideWith" quiz. This quiz asks a series of

questions without giving reference to any particular candidate and then produces results on the candidates with which the quiz-taker most aligns. Mr Miller observed that many were surprised by their findings. Students then grouped together, polled the school, and determined the issues that are most relevant to them in today's society. They then developed their own "political party platform" and present to their classmates.

Hats off to Mr. Miller and his students for delving into tough, relevant issues in a civil and productive way!

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