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MadConnects September Spotlight: "Road Trip!"

Student-Centered? Real World? Cross-Curricular? Yes, Please!

Wetsel students who have both Mrs. Kolb's U.S. History II course and Mr. Jennings Math Enrichment course are in the process of preparing for some road trips across the country, but first they have some serious planning to do.

According to Mr. Jennings: "In our enrichment math 7 class, we recently reviewed adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimals. After working through some word problems with decimal operations, I wanted to give students a more meaningful application of solving word problems using decimal operations. Students are tasked with planning and budgeting for a 10 day road trip and accounting for expenses such as gas, transportation, food, hotel/lodging, and entertainment/activities throughout their trip. In an effort to combine this project with what students are learning in their U.S. History class, students are planning their 10 day trip to one of the geographic regions of the lower 48 United States. As students learn about these regions in their history class, this project will also afford them the opportunity to learn more about specific cities and states that may interest them. Combining what we are learning in enrichment with what students are learning in history, students will be able to plan a hypothetical trip that allows them to develop real-life skills such as planning and budgeting that they can hopefully apply later in life."

Thank you Mr. Jennings and Mrs. Kolb for teaming up to provide a "real-world," relevant learning opportunity for the 7th graders at Wetsel!

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